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Auto Stodůlky

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Auto Dejvice

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Auto Cardion - Brno

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This service is provided only in the Czech Republic.

We disinfect car interiors with ozone


Ozone disinfection not only eliminates bacteria and viruses, but also removes odors from cigarettes or animals.

We recommend combining with replacing the pollen filter.

Price of ozone disinfection: 490 CZK incl. VAT

To order, you can contact the reception of our branches or service technicians in person.

Polestar optimization

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and have the Polestar optimization installed in your car for testing. The Polestar optimization of performance is a software modification, which we will install for you in the authorized dealer Auto Průhonice.

Thanks to Polestar optimization of engine performance, your car will gain more power and higher torque, faster acceleration and an even better driving experience.

  • Volvo XC90 new D5 Drive-E Automatic AWD - 24 900 CZK
  • Volvo XC90 D5 Automatic AWD - 14 800 CZK
  • Volvo XC60 new D5 Drive-E Automatic AWD - 24 900 CZK
  • Volvo XC60 D5 Automatic AWD - 19 800 CZK
  • Volvo V40 D3 Automatic FWD - 12 800 CZK

These prices include VAT


Glass-ceramic coating protection

From 19 900 CZK.

After decontamination of the paint (removal of deposits and impurities) with a special clay and polishing, the glass-ceramic coating layer is applied by special spraying in three layers. Protection against scratches and weather.

  • Protection against dirt, dust, insects.
  • Protection against salt, pollen, rust.
  • Perfect hydrophobic effect.
  • UV resistance.
  • Exceptional shine.

The result is especially an extremely durable ceramic film and, thanks to a 10% increase in the varnish layer, also an exceptional glass-like shine.
We use one of the hardest ceramic protections on the market with a proven hardness of 9H, which protects the paint of your car for up to 3 years.

With the application of glass-ceramic coating protection we also offer:

  • Impregnation of leather seats (separately) - 790 CZK
  • Wet cleaning of the interior, including impregnation of leather seats - 1890 CZK

Differential overhaul

At Auto Průhonice, we are the only ones to overhaul the differential, so customers will save up to three quarters of the price of a new one. Bearings usually suffer in differentials, however, their replacement must be diagnosed correctly before overhauling. We have a well-trained team for this job and we are a supplier of repairs for other garages throughout the country, says Lukáš Daněk, head of Průhonice after sales department, adding: Our price is a quarter of the price for a new differential and we only need one day to repair it, because we have all necessary parts in stock and the customer does not have to wait for them.


E-shop - buy bargain

We have launched a new e-shop where you can comfortably choose from a range of Volvo accessories, as well as buy a gift for yourself or your friends in Volvo Lifestyle section.

The structure is intuitive, you can choose according to your needs, models or just stay in the children's section.

Enter the e-shop

Service packages

Anyone who buys a Volvo can now choose from two service packages for the standard warranty and its extension.

The first package includes regular warranty inspections for three, four or five years. In addition, the second package includes parts that are subject to wear (brake pads, discs, wipers and similar components). You can have the second package for three, four or five years as well.

Service packages can only be purchased on new Volvo cars, on all models, from the XC40 to the XC90 cars.

  • 41 348 CZK - price for service package PLUS for three years for new XC40 car.
  • 31 626 CZK - price for basic package for three years for the new XC60 car.
  • 53 795 CZK - with this service package you will drive your new XC90 to our garage for next five years without worries.


Service promotion 4+ for older cars

At present, it is already a classic and well-established service for owners of cars older than four years, which is very popular with our customers.

Depending on age, cars benefit from a 15-25% discount on spare parts and labor.

  • You will get a 15% discount on the car of the year 2016.
  • 20% discount on cars of the year 2015, 2014 and 2013.
  • 25% discount on cars of the year 2012 and older.

This service promotion for older cars also includes a special price for replacement and adjustment of Volvo engine timing. Replacement and adjustment of timing includes the replacement of the water pump, at a very reasonable price.

And of course only using genuine Volvo parts. Our garage also repairs rear differentials on AWD versions.

Volvista card

The Volvista Assistance Card will provide you with free assistance in case of difficulties while traveling in the Czech Republic. The Volvista assisted card is automatically obtained by every new or existing client when buying a new car or visiting the workshop.

Depending on the severity of the problems, the assistance service will either repair the car on site or move it free of charge to one of our four authorized dealerships - Auto Průhonice, Auto Dejvice, Auto Stodůlky or to the Brno Auto Cardion dealership.

If the car is immobile, a courtesy car is available at the branches, it is free of charge for 24 hours.

The assistance card is valid for one year and is automatically renewed for further twelve months at regular intervals at one of the branch dealerships of the Auto Průhonice Group.


Video service in new

The principle is simple - if the technician, while working the car, finds out a need for further repairs, he shoots an illustrative and detailed video, which he then sends to the client together with a proposal for repairs.

An important news is the launch of the second generation of Video Service; now a notification goes together with the video to clients directly to the new Volvista application, no longer via SMS only, as before. The client can see specific defects on his car directly in the Volvista application and can approve or reject repairs with a simple click.

If you have not downloaded the Volvista application to your mobile phone yet, this comfortable Video Service solution is another good reason to do so.

Volvista application

What does the new Volvista application offer ?

With a single button, you can:

  • book service
  • request the purchase / sale of your car
  • communicate with your service technician using Video Service function
  • browse used vehicles offer
  • watch technical inspection date
  • call for assistance in case of accident or breakdown

It provides information about:

  • your Volvo car
  • service history of your car
  • approaching end of technical inspection period
  • sales / after sales contact information
  • news from the world of Volvo

To take advantage of these new and/or improved features in a modern user interface, you need to:

1. be a client of Auto Průhonice, Auto Stodůlky, Auto Dejvice or Auto Cardion dealerships
2. uninstall the current / old Volvista application
3. download the new Volvista application from App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)
4. register again (by entering the vehicle VIN, personal data, verify e-mail, etc.)

Download the Volvista application by scanning the QR code


Do you need help assistance ?

Call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to the phone number

+420 737 111 555

The card can be extended to include European assistance outside the Czech Republic..
Contact your technician for more information.